As with any historic moment, your first tentative steps onto the web calls for commemoration. Unforunately, there is no time for sentiment. In order to fulfill your desire for remembrance while still keeping things moving on the Infobahn M. River and T. Whid Art Associates are offering Buying Time: The Nostalgia-Free History Sale.

1. Tune into Psuedo G.H. on Art Dirt Im-PORT on Tuesdays from 1:00 - 3:00 pm (JANUARY 28TH - MARCH 18TH) for a 2 hour real audio broadcast and Cu See Me session. (click on "listen")

2. Join the Cu See Me crowd. Connect to the PORT reflector IP address:

3. State "I WANT MY TIME" This statement begins your personalized commemoration.

4. Email with the time and date of your appearance.

This special limited time offer enables you to own this provocative video for a low introductory price of just $19.97. That's right, just $19.97 allows you to relive all the excitement of your moment of purchase.

Hurry this is a limited time offer!


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