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Creative Time/DNAid is a series of public art projects that address the implications of today's genetic research on our global futures.

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How will our lives be better? - How will we be different in the future? - Why not live forever? - How do your genes look on you? - Who will own your DNA?
DNAid Billboard Exhibition
Creative Time will present this outdoor exhibition in Lower Manhattan featuring three artists picturing our genetic futures: Haluk Akakçe, Nancy Burson and Alexis Rockman.

in association with
PARADISE NOW: Picturing the Genetic Revolution
Curated by Marvin Heiferman and Carole Kismaric
Sept 9 - Oct 28, 2000
Opening Reception: Sat, Sept 9, 6-9 pm

Public programs by
The Gene Media Forum:
What Can We Expect? Sept 20, 2000
Picturing the Genetic Revolution Oct 14, 2000

DNA Deli Cups
Artist-designed deli coffee cups by Roz Chast, Maira Kalman Cary Leibowitz/Candyass, Larry Miller and Tom Tomorrow.

Copyright your DNA
Become a Certified Original Human. If prudence (or merely a love of novelty) is one of your inherited biological traits, take advantage of the first means available to stake a claim on your genes with Larry Miller's Genetic Code Copyright certification.

Natalie Bookchin and ®TMark are developing an online "genetic game" using artificial life that will explore the complex social and political issues surrounding genetics and corporate behavior while offering audiences a fun and challenging socially interactive experience.


Alexis Rockman
The Farm, Alexis Rockman

DNAid Billboard Exhibition Creative time presents an outdoor exhibition of billboards designed by Haluk Akakçe, Nancy Burson and Alexis Rockman
September 5 - 30, 2000


DNAid Coffee Cups
DNA Deli Cups

DNA Deli Cups, artist-designed deli coffee cups by Roz Chast, Maira Kalman Cary Leibowitz/Candyass, Larry Miller and Tom Tomorrow.

Collect all five!