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Creative Time/DNAid is a series of public art projects that address the implications of today's genetic research on our global futures.

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How will our lives be better? - How will we be different in the future? - Why not live forever? - How do your genes look on you? - Who will own your DNA?


Genetic Code Copyright Certificate The following information must be provided to proclaim copyright ownership of your personal genome with the Genetic Code Copyright form. You must also have someone witness your act of signing and fingerprinting this form.

NOTE: You may be one of many people who do not know or are unsure about the information on your origins. No matter, you are an Original Human and entitled to stake a claim on your own genome. Simply enter in "not known" or appropriate wording where it applies to complete the form.

Enter the following information, in this order:

1. Your Name. Enter in your whole given name or any name you may have taken to identify yourself.

2. Day, Month, Year of your birth. Enter in your birthday information.

3. Town, State, Country of your birth. Enter in this information on the line provided, e.g. "Washington, DC USA."

NOTE: If town, state and country locations do not apply, enter a location description, e.g. " TWA Flight 843, Mid-Atlantic Ocean."

4. Your Mother's Name. As with your own name, you may use her full given name, married name or any that she used to identify herself.

5. Your Father's Name. Enter your father's name as per the instructions cited above.

6. Proclaimer. This line is for your signature. You must also add your fingerprint in ink in this same area. Through this act you are making the proclamation that any replication of your personal genome requires the authority of your permission.

NOTE: A single print from any finger is sufficient for identification purposes. If you are unable to provide a fingerprint, substitute another suitable imprint or mark. To personalize your document, you may select any ink color and include as many prints as you like in your "Proclaimer area". This is a purely aesthetic decision.

7. Witness. This line is for the signature of the person who witnesses your signing and fingerprinting. The witness must fill in the blanks provided in the witness area for the date and place of the signing. A Notary Public can act as witness to include an "official" seal to the document, but this not necessary. Anyone you choose as witness is sufficient. They may also add their fingerprint to their signature. This is an optional gesture.

To you who have taken the initiative to copyright your own DNA, I offer my congratulations to YOU, a certified Original Human!

Larry Miller