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Thursday 10/03, 9 pm to 1 am- Live Experimental Music & Multimedia From Around the World
Pamelia Kurstin
New York
Live Full-Sized Theremin Performance

Pamelia Kurstin is considered one of the world's leading virtuosos of the theremin, a spellbinding, mysterious, and notoriously difficult vintage electronic instrument that is played without physical contact. Pamelia began studying classical piano at age 2, graduating to violin, viola, cello, and bass before discovering the theramin and playing for the legendary thereminist, Clara Rockmore. Kurstin now demonstrates the latest Moog instruments, tours extensively, and has performed on Saturday Night Live and at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. She is currently working on a new solo album to follow her 2000 collaboration release with Greg Kurstin and will be touring with the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra in 2003.

Deadbeat vs. Monolake
Montreal & Berlin
Live Collaborative Web Performance between Berlin & NY (Revolver, Force Inc., [ml/ i], Chain Reaction)

Montreal's Scott Montieth, a.k.a. Deadbeat will play live from New York over the Internet with Robert Henke, a.k.a. Monolake, in Berlin. Deadbeat composes dub-influenced techno for Revolver, Hautec, Background, Mutek, intr_version, Force, and ~Scape (forthcoming late 2002). Robert Henke has been making techno since his 1996 Monolake releases for Chain Reaction before he established his own label, [ml / i ]. He has also helped develop the powerful music software Reaktor, which emulates a full-fledged home studio.

Todd Sines & Natacha Labelle
Toronto & Columbus
Live Performance + Multimedia Projections (Planet E, Peacefrog, Ele_mental)

Todd Sines has been experimenting with techno, house, electro, and abstract genres for over 11 years. He also designs and directs projects for print, film, video, and the net. Sines and Toronto vocalist, Natacha Labelle, will perform material from their new Planet E release, Overlap.

DJ Set (Women On Wax & M_nus Records)

Detroit's DJ Magda is one of a new breed of third generation Detroit female DJs who became known for her edgy, unpredictable energy, and diverse DJ style during her former residency at Detroit's Club Motor.

Alberto Levy Macedo, Chloe Gottlieb & Richard Ting
Brasil/Mexico & New York
Live Participatory Cell Phone-based Multimedia Performance

Alberto Levy Macedo is the Director of R & D at Media Innovations in Mexico City and has presented major interactive installations in Brasil, the United States, Cuba, and Mexico. Chloe Gottlieb and Richard Ting are New-York based Interaction Designers at R/GA Digital Studios. Richard's work focuses on wireless public interactivity and has been exhibited in Cuba and by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Chloe is a founding member of deCenter and has been awarded an ID Magazine Gold Medal; her work specializes in wireless technologies and virtual relations. For the group's performance, the audience will use personal cell phones to generate live multimedia content.

Scott Wolynski
Israel/New York
Real-time Computational 3D Projections

Scott Wolynski is a New York-based technologist with a mechanical engineering background who works in both screen-based and physical mediums. Scott will showcase Pin-Screen Video, a piece which represents live 2-D video input as a real-time rendered 3-D topological map using custom Java programming.

Milena Iossifova
Cinematic Video Narratives of Cuba, Bulgaria, and Detroit

Milena Iossifova managed her own AV studio, MIOSSI, in Amsterdam before moving to New York. Her projects include video-based art, installations, VJing, workshops, events, and live performances.

09/ 19 - Live Minimal Techno from Berlin
09/26 - Live African-Based Performances from New York
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