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Jenny Holzer's light projections of poetry and declassified documents illuminate landmark New York City buildings, September 29 - October 9.

At Rockefeller Center and The New York Public Library, poems by Wisława Szymborska, Yehuda Amichai, Henri Cole, Mahmoud Darwish, and other celebrated writers will move across the nighttime facades, encompassing the reader with the power of language to educate and console. At Bobst Library, New York University, Holzer will project recently declassified United States government documents released under the Freedom of Information Act. The artist's public presentation of these documents, her first in New York, explores the need to achieve a just and workable balance between secrecy and transparency.

For nearly a decade, light projections have been a critical component of Jenny Holzer's artistic practice. The moving projections, akin to credits scrolling at the end of a film, allow the artist to work demonstratively with the ephemeral. The cityscape and surrounding architecture are involved; spaces, people, and time are included in an affirming gesture. Linking Holzer's early street-based practice to her long-standing engagement with the media, tactics, and content common to the world of advertising and news, the projections have enabled the artist to continue to reach publics and passersby. Whether in urban or rural settings, using her own writings or those of others, the ambition of each projection remains the same.

"I show what I can with words in light and motion in a chosen place, and when I envelop the time needed, the space around, the noise, smells, the people looking at one another and everything before them, I have given what I know." - Jenny Holzer