“Who Cares,” an excellent new book on art’s relationship — or recent lack of relationship — to social action.  
- Holland Cotter, The New York Times,
November 19, 2006

Creative Time was interested in why we weren’t seeing more art related to social action or receiving many proposals from artists to explore such issues. So we went right to the source and invited 37 artists, curators and scholars to come together over 3 intimate dinners to discuss the viability of counter-cultural practice within the visual arts. The conversations of Who Cares were recorded and reproduced as a book distributed by D.A.P., October 2006. The conversations focused on the ways in which art functions as public practice—from the globalization of creative economies and the dominance of restrictive notions of beauty, to the war culture we live in today.

Doug Ashford, Julie Ault, Gregg Bordowitz, Tania Bruguera, Paul Chan, Mel Chin, Dean Daderko, Peter Eleey, Coco Fusco, Chitra Ganesh, Deborah Grant, Hans Haacke, K8 Hardy, Sharon Hayes, Emily Jacir, Ronak Kapadia, Byron Kim, Steve Kurtz, Julian LaVerdiere, Lucy Lippard, Marlene McCarty, John Menick, Helen Molesworth, Anne Pasternak, Heather Peterson, Paul Pfeiffer, Patricia C. Phillips, Michael Rakowitz, Ben Rodriguez-Cubeñas, Martha Rosler, Ralph Rugoff, Amy Sillman, Allison Smith, Kiki Smith, David Levi Strauss, Nato Thompson, The Yes Men

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