“The future of cinema belongs to the people. The urge to democratize cinema—to make it cheap and fast—has been with us for some time (as with the traditions of New Wave and Dogma 95), but the only place where a true democratic cinema has been completely implemented is Nigeria. With Dr. Cruel, we created a symbolic piece of Afro-Scandinavian cinema, told in the international language of violence and action.”
            – Jakob Boeskov

In January of 2010, Creative Time commissioned the artist Jakob Boeskov to direct a short video working within Nigeria’s thriving film industry, popularly known as Nollywood. Inspired by the democratized, DIY approach to cinema, Boeskov traveled to Lagos, Nigeria and collaborated with Nollywood film director Teco Benson to create the short, art–action video Dr. Cruel and the Afro-Icelandic Liberation Front. The resulting video collaboration is both manic and subtly rich, commenting on urgent political questions in an atmosphere of mayhem.

Jakob Boeskov’s Dr. Cruel is one of Creative Time’s new international initiatives. Beginning this year, the organization will work around the world, sending artists abroad to experiment with new models of making art in a global community. Creative Time’s work globally simply continues its commitment to experimenting with pressing ideas as they pertain to shifting conditions in the world we live in.