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Genesis P-Orridge
& Mika Rottenberg

GP: Dearest Mika, here is my first question for you: Do you believe that the current biological form of the human body—the existence of only two genders and its primitive method of replication—represents the ultimate physical state of our species? Or do you believe we can evolve into new, more effective forms? If so, what form(s) would that be? Cari saluti, Genesis P-Orridge.

MR: I really hope that this is not our ultimate physical state! I think that in the future, behaviors and appearances that are now associated with a specific gender will be chosen by humans according to their personality and mood, not according to their physical bodies. Hermaphrodites will be celebrated, and there will be more of them. There will be terms like “more female” or “more male” rather then a rigid gender structure. One can choose to be more female one day and more male another day. Human beings will be much more knowledgeable about their genetic material, and reproduction will become more scientific and controlled. This, instead of improving the human race, will lead to its end.

Genesis P-Orridge was recently involved with Creative Time's program Hey Hey Glossolalia
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