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We love to surprise people with our projects, but we love it even more when you come looking for them. We want you to know where to be, and when, to experience our programs firsthand, get front-row seats at our lectures, and dance at our parties. We want to keep you in the loop. And, we want to hear from you. Use your favorite social media platform to follow us, friend us, share pictures with us, or check in to let your friends know you’re hanging with us. Connect with us.






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Have a question? Some feedback on a project? Just want to tell us how rad our projects are? Follow us on Twitter to engage with the artists who dream up our projects and the team that makes them happen.

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Check our Tumblr for behind-the-scenes pictures of project installation, new videos we love, and in-depth program descriptions. Scroll around our Tumblr to learn more about past projects and see what’s in the works.

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Watch footage of our projects, trailers for our wild parties, and original videos about Creative Time on YouTube.

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Check us out on Vimeo to find original short films and project videos produced by our super-talented Video Fellows and interns.

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If you get snap happy at one of our projects or parties, you can pool your photos with ours on Flickr! Our programs are public, and documentation of them is too.

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