Jayson Musson

A Horror, 2017 by Jayson Musson

Jayson Musson burst onto the scene in the form of his online hip-hop alter ego, Hennessy Youngman, offering hilarious and strident discourses on contemporary art and its discontents. In his non-video work, he also works in the productive gap between high and low culture. Musson’s flag is text-based art, forcing the viewer to engage in an all too befitting comment on our political present.


About Jayson Musson

In writing, performance and visual art that incisively satirizes and confuses pop culture and the art world, Jayson Musson provokes the boundaries that define cultural stereotypes. Musson’s consideration of a public extends beyond the confines of art institutions, deliberately entering the open arenas of mass media. Musson’s latest solo exhibition, Demon All Day, opened in May at Salon 94 in New York City.


Photograph by Nicholas Prakas