Jeremy Deller

Don’t Worry Be Angry, 2017 by Jeremy Deller

Jeremy Deller’s flag reflects the roots of much of the famed British artist’s political art work, focusing on society – its people, icons, myths, folklore and cultural history. He weaves together high and low, popular and rarefied to create unique and thought provoking work. The inclusion of the smiley faces makes this flag look positive, humorous and familiar, while at the same time encouraging us to stay engaged.


About Jeremy Deller

Jeremy Deller was born in 1966. He lives and works in London. His works, trans-historical and presenting freedom of expression as a social vector of sense and values, initiate a dialogue between cultures, people, past, present and what the future could be. In the lead-up to the UK’s 2017 general election, posters by Deller bearing the text “Strong and stable my arse” caused a sensation when they appeared throughout London.


Creative Time has previously worked with Jeremy Deller on It Is What It Is and the Creative Time Summit.


Photograph by Nicholas Prakas