About the Creative Time Summit


Artists have always raised their voices to speak truth to power, and have never been more important than at this moment in history, when social movements are erupting around the world. At Creative Time, we believe that artists are truly change agents, with the ability to affect society for the better.


Each year, the Creative Time Summit explores the many ways in which artists are tackling the world’s most challenging social and political issues. Innovative artists, activists, writers, and curators take the Summit stage to present bold new strategies for social change to a global audience. Since its inception six years ago, the Summit has seen hundreds of luminaries–from famed philosopher Slavoj Žižek, to legendary art critic Lucy Lippard, artist Rick Lowe, and Academy Award nominated filmmaker Laura Poitras, to name only a few–present their unflinching visions to thousands live in the theatre and online.







In 2009, When the Summit first launched to a jam-packed room at the New York Public Library, it was the first major platform through which people working at the confluence of art and social justice could share their work and forge meaningful connections with one another. The Summit has since grown into the leading conference where presenters and audience members meet and collaborate on strategies for changing our world. The need for this forum as both a critical and social space is clear and the Summit has been met with ever-increasing enthusiasm. Described as “visionary” by The New York Times, the conference has inspired over 5,000 live attendees and thousands more who watch via Livestream or at one of the 70+ international Screening Sites, located in places ranging from Kathmandu to Melbourne. And we aren’t slowing down anytime soon–in 2014 we are thrilled to take on a major international partnership with the Public Art Agency Sweden, which will co-host the Summit at the Kulturhuset in Stockholm this November.






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