Cloud Party

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This is a tour within the AGO. Meet at the Education Commons before touring through the AGO.


Led by Diane Borsato


Diane Borsato is an award-winning Toronto-based artist who has worked with amateur naturalists, students and other artists in public projects in Canada and internationally. She teaches advanced studio art courses in performance, video and social practices at the University of Guelph.


Toronto artist, professor and amateur naturalist Diane Borsato will lead a practical workshop to develop skills at identifying clouds and other atmospheric effects in the museum. Discarding the official art historical narratives presented, Borsato will guide participants through the Canadian galleries on the second floor of the AGO to discuss cloud types, their supplementary features, and other optical environmental phenomena. While we consider works of painting and sculpture, we will also address other aspects of the museum environment, from the humidifiers to the skylights. Questions such as Why are there no rainy days in the Canadian galleries? and others will be discussed. Field guides for cloud identification and the weather will be provided for participants.