Unsettling Settlers: Intervention and Board Game

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This session is held in the Art Gallery of Ontario, Education Commons (Room 013)


Led by Golboo Amani


Working within a social practice, Golboo Amani often relies on familiar social engagements as a point of entry into their artwork. Amani’s work addresses the conditions of knowledge production that render epistemic violence as insignificant and benign. Amani highlights the potentiality of non-hierarchical pedagogical experiences that speak to collective agency and egalitarian epistemology.


Aiming to interrupt the game space of Settlers of Catan, this session employs strategies that strengthen the players’ ability to imagine and practice critical alternatives and counter hegemonic narratives of settlement on the landscape. Players will work through strategies of ally-ship by collecting renewable resources, blocking expansion and development, building treaties and reclaiming land on virtual landscapes.