Creative Time

Anna Harsanyi

Assistant Curator, Community Engagement
Anna Harsanyi is the Assistant Curator, Community Engagement at Creative Time. She is a curator, educator, and arts manager. She is dedicated to presenting art in a non-art context and creating sites that invite participation from audiences outside of the art community.
She has organized projects featuring artist engagements within the historic Essex Street Market in New York’s Lower East Side; curated a film presentation on the screens of Times Square; developed cross-cultural projects about friendship and dreams in Saint Petersburg, Russia and Seoul, South Korea, respectively; commissioned projects exploring the often hidden or dormant histories for The New School Centennial; and collaborated with Sheetal Prajapati on two project series centered around play and diaspora.
Previously, she has worked in education and public engagement roles at the Art Encounters Biennial, Museum of Modern Art, New York Arts Practicum, A Blade of Grass, and the Guggenheim Social Practice initiative at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.
Photo by Guillermo Cano.