Creative Time




Starring: Jim Fletcher
Featuring: Kim Bergel, Natalie Arroyo, Libby Schaaf, Lulani Arquette, Reuben Roqueñi,
Flint Jamison
Co-Realisateurs: Adam Khalil, Zack Khalil, Bayley Sweitzer, Jackson Polys
Cinematography: Samuli Haavisto, Zack Khalil
Producer: Arantza Orengo, Amelia Russo
Choreography: Ashley Byler
Wardrobe: Kindall Almond
Sound: Jackson Polys
Production Assistant: Jonas Khalil
Editing: Adam Khalil, Zack Khalil
Sound Mix: Eli Cohn (Nocturnal Studios)
Color Correction: Drew Geary (Company3)

Supported by: Native Arts and Cultures Foundation
Commissioned by: Creative Time for The World’s UnFair

Special thanks to:
The Gochman Family, Becky Gochman, Forge Project, Candice Hopkins, and Eunsong Kim
On-site support provided by:
Sarah Aquino
James Greco
Tess Lasure
Brendan McKenney
Elizabeth Ramirez
Allison Reddington


Works featured in film by:
Artworks featured in the film are from the Gochman Family Collection.

Dylan Clancy
Ming Fearon
Riley Hooker
Mekko Harjo


Sean Connelly, consulting architect
Animatronic Production by Axtell Expressions, with special thanks to Steve Axtell
Sculptural Production by The Factory NYC, Leerform, and Jafet Hernandez LLC with special thanks to Jim Wines, Doug Young, and Jafet Hernandez
Special thank you to the many fabrication houses and consultants around the nation who participated in this incredible production: Super A-OK, Brooklyn; Steinway Awnings, Queens; Weigl, California; Marcelo Anez, Brooklyn; and Gabe Liberti, Brooklyn