The Anchorage

Creative Time offers annual public access to one of New York's most spectacular landmark structures. Visitors have compared the cathedral-like vaults (nearly 50 feet high) to Piranesi's "Carceri", to ancient catacombs and to the austere intimacy of a monastery.

For eighteen years, Creative Time has used the vaulted stone chambers of the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage as a forum for the exploration of artists working in many disciplines including new media, music, fashion, film, design and video. Creative Time's programming in the remarkable Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage is one of the most important ways in which we fulfill our mission and shape our history. Artists invited to participate in the Anchorage are often inventing new forms and expanding our understanding of what art can be.

We encourage artists to use this unique space to challenge and expand their own practice in substantial ways. Audiences who attend these programs are introduced to emergent artistic forms through ambitious installations, collaborations, and performances all within the context of one of New York's most spectacular public landmarks.

Most recently, Creative Time has created exhibitions and performance series' that investigate how artists are employing advanced technologies to reflect on our cultural and social evolution. This year's Anchorage program features an exhibition and performance series by artists using sound, light, and video in ways that encourage us to re-examine how technology can have a profound, ineffable impact on our physical orientation and our sense of time.