Creative Time, New York’s adventurous public art presenter, is funded through the generous support of corporations, foundations, government agencies and individuals. This program was made possible, in part, by grants from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs; the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency; The Bohen Foundation; Brooklyn Borough President Howard Golden; State Senator Thomas K. Duane; Materials for the Arts and Creative Time's many friends and supporters.

We are deeply grateful for the generous support of The Rockefeller Foundation.

Special Thanks to:
Alyson Baker, Kathy Brew, Ruppert Bohle, Guy Bostian, Nathan Braulick, Jill Brienza, Andrea Codrington, Chip Cooper, Tarra Cunningham, Greg DeFelice, Wendy Dembo, Brian Gemme, Frederick B. Henry, Naut Humon, Laurence Major, Josh Madell, Sandy MacLeod, Mario Marsicano, Kasia Pindak , Michael Sarff, Joan Shigekawa, Lynne Sowder, Louis Spitzer, Joan Weakley, Josh Weisberg

Creative Time's Board:

Thomas Healy, Board Chair
Philip Aarons, Steven M. Alden, Randall Bourscheidt, Michael Brenson, Amanda Burden, Anita Contini, Jonathan Cropper, Michael Danoff,Thelma Golden, Carl Goodman,Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Janet Henry, Jerry Joseph, Tom Cappodano, John Kelly, Scott Konzleman, Stephen Kramarsky, Adelle Lutz, Joan Rosenbaum, Sue Stoffel, Elizabeth Streb, Cesar Trasobares, Barry Wishnow

Creative Time's Staff:
Anne Pasternak Executive Director
Sarah Bacon Director of Communications
Kelly Evans> Operations Mgr.
Elizabeth Iarrapino Assistant Director
Susan Kennedy Development Consultant
Kevin McHugh Associate Curator
Emily Morse Development Consultant
Carol Stakenas Deputy Director and Curator
Rachel Stevens NAAMP Fellow
G. Douglas Wagner Financial Consultant

On-Site Staff:

Lighting Designer: Pat Dignan
Electrician: Dave Overcamp
Sound Engineer: Kevin McMahon
Audio Visual Technical Director: Ruppert Bohle
Site Manager: Seth Nagelberg
Box Office: Cally Iden
Installation Manager: Brainard Carey

Web Designer: Josh Steinbauer
Installation Photographer: Charlie Samuels

Installation Crew: Rich Cohen, Tom Kreuger, Mark Johnson, Kate Cauley, Chris Jonas, Shane Murray, Andrew Perret & George

Cecile Braun, Emmanuelle Dufour, Dina El Kharouf, Lourenco Egreja, Freja Mitchell, Melissa Moreno, Ritika Chopara, Laura Pinello, Danielle Reisi, Megan McDonnel, Nicole Hartotucian, Lynn Gonzales, Sue Ellen Mason, Laura Leigh Birdwell and Judith Tesler.