Danny Kapilian with Everton Sylvester Danny Kapilian with Toshi Reagon
When Creative Time approached me early in 2002 about an idea now called Local Frequencies, I realized that this was a seed that would take nurturing. We were to include three artists in New York City who lived in ethnically rich and active communities outside of Manhattan. They were each to use music and “found sound” to create an audio collage that made a statement about their respective relationships with their home communities. In time, three perspicacious artists agreed to the project: Toshi Reagon from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a soulful, passionate singer-songwriter and performer; Everton Sylvester from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, a highly literate and intuitive Jamaican poet, songwriter, and performer; and Gabri Christa from the North Shore of Staten Island, a gifted and uniquely musical dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker.

Our Sound Designer and Mixer, Rich Tozzoli tailored each piece brilliantly to the artists’ initial visions, and Rita Houston of WFUV, our venerable narrator, seamlessly opens and closes the three works on the CD. Local Frequencies speaks to New York City, an endless resource of inspiration and a uniquely different City to each of us.

Danny Kapilian

Danny Kapilian is a New York-based music and live event producer and programmer. He has produced events for Carnegie Hall; the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM); the JVC Jazz Festival; Central Park Summer Stage, New York; Symphony Center, Chicago; the Hollywood Bowl; the Experience Music Project (EMP), Seattle; among many others. Kapilian has worked with hundreds of world-renowned performers.

Special thanks to Judy Lieff, who played a central role in documenting the “process” in pictures and video; Rich Tozzoli; Rita Houston and Chuck Singleton at WFUV; Gabri Christa and Vernon Reid, Everton Sylvester, Toshi Reagon, and the staff at Creative Time.
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