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The Performance - November 2, 3, 9, and 10
Photos: Donn Young and Frank Aymami

A Country Road
A Tree

A series of signs created by Paul Chan featuring the first three lines of Samuel Beckett's play Waiting for Godot are being posted in numerous neighborhoods in New Orleans. The idea is to imagine that, despite the fact that the play will be presented in only two locations, the ideal setting for Godot is actually any and every street corner of the city. There are already signs in the Ninth ward, Gentilly, The Bywater, the art gallery district, and main arteries for traffic in the city, and the sign project will expand throughout the course of the production.

Anthony Bean Community Theater workshop - October 20

Photos: Tuyen Nguyen

22 young actors attended a one and a half hour physical acting workshop, followed by an hour of questions and answers about "the business of the business" of acting, all led by Wendell Pierce, J Kyle Manzay, and Christopher McElroen of the Classical Theatre of Harlem.


Photos: Tuyen Nguyen

Indoor rehearsals are taking place at the St Mary of the Angel school in the upper ninth ward. The school is currently abandoned. During Katrina, the school offered refuge to 300 people in the neighborhood, where folks were eventually rescued by helicopter.

Art Roundtable - October 13

Photos: John Fields

Artist roundtable conversation moderated by Paul Chan for the show "Unwrapped", which was curated by artists Kami Galeana and Natalie Sciortino. Students from the University of New Orleans Graduate art program (where Paul is teaching this semester) were part of the show. The roundtable discussed the work in the show and the state of contemporary art in New Orleans for new and emerging artists.

First Potluck - House of Dance and Feathers - October 14

Photos: Tuyen Nguyen

- Hosted by Ronald Lewis, resident of the Lower Ninth Ward, and founder of the House of Dance and Feathers (a backyard museum dedicated to life and culture of the Mardi Gras Indians in the Lower Ninth Ward)
- around 45 people were in attendance, including Pastor Haywood of the New Israel Baptist Church, Rev. Charles Duplessis of the Mount Nebo Bible Baptist Church, Artist Willie Birch, Artist Jana Napoli, the Neighborhood story project founders Abram Himmelstein and Rachel Breunlin, Artist and educator Ron Bechet, and the whole cast and crew of the Classical Theatre of Harlem, including actor Wendell Pierce.

Second Potluck - Hartzell Methodist Church - October 18

Photos: Tuyen Nguyen

- Hosted by Rev. Jeff Connor at his church, Hartzell Methodist Church in the Lower Ninth Ward. Hartzell opened on July 10, 2007. They have an average of 20 parishoners
- around 18 people were in attendance, including parishoners of Hartzell, Tom Pepper, current director of the Common Ground Collective, Artist andurban planner Bob Tannen, Resident of the lower ninth ward and organizer Robert Lynn Green Sr., and the whole cast and crew of the project

Third Potluck - Jana Napoli Studio - October 22

Photos: Tuyen Nguyen

Hosted by artist and founder of Ya/Ya Jana Napoli. 22 people in Jana's studio in the French

Fourth Potluck - The Porch and the Neighborhood Story Project - October 26

Photos: Tuyen Nguyen

Hosted by The Porch and the Neighborhood Story Project, both in the 7th Ward.

Children's Acting Workshop - The Porch - October 26

Photos: Tuyen Nguyen

The Art of Renewal: Artist Roundtable - Community Book Center - October 29

Photos: Tuyen Nguyen

A lively roundtable discussion about the state of art in New Orleans with Willie Birch, Paul Chan, Courtney Egan, Bob Tannen. Moderated by Ron Bechet.

Click here to download an MP3 of The Art of Renewal (120 minutes)

Creative Time Visits New Orleans

Photos: Anne Pasternak

Classical Theatre of Harlem as special guests in Paul Chan's Contemporary art seminar at the University of New Orleans - October 30

Photos: Tuyen Nguyen

Lecture by Paul Chan at Lusher High School - November 1

Photos: Tuyen Nguyen

Paul Chan and the Classical theatre of Harlem at John McDonogh High School

Photos: Marlo Poras