View a selection of in-process images from the project below.

Fall, 2007 - The High Line space as it originally appeared

Fall, 2007 - Spencer Finch creates a rendering for the project

May, 2008 - The artist takes a test trip on this tugboat

June, 2008 - The tugboat used to photograph the Hudson for the project

June, 2008 - Checking color against a reference book

June, 2008 - Finch checks a color reference book

June, 2008 - Photograhping from the boat

June, 2008 - Nearing the end of the trip

June, 2008 - Checking the color at dusk

November, 2008 - Colors from the trip are arranged chronologically and 700 panes of glass are made

March, 2009 - Installation begins. Metal and glass consulting, and final installation were provided by Jaroff Design & Mison Concepts, Inc.

April, 2009 - The metal mullions are prepared

April, 2009 - Preparing the mullions for installation

May, 2009 - The test panes are removed and the final glass is installed

May, 2009 - Installing the glass