About the Project

Massless Medium: Explorations in Sensory Immersion featured seven ambitious, site-specific installations by a group of international artists. The works offered viewers media environments that shifted the experience of space and time, as well as blurred the boundaries between body and environment, solid and immaterial, immersion and isolation, and disorientation and the sublime.


Using both technology’s basic building blocks and new hybrid configurations, the artists of Art in the Anchorage 18 referenced and expanded upon the minimalist and ambient work of 60s and 70s artists, such as John Cage, Dan Flavin, and James Turrell. _ Massless Medium_ both sensitized and disarmed visitors, forcing them to reexamine their relationship with the environment in an increasingly technological world where the boundaries between the physical body and technology continually dissipate.


Photograph by Charlie Samuels




Multiple Artists

Art in the Anchorage 18: Massless Medium: Explorations in Sensory Immersion