About the Project

Art on the Beach 6 featured eight collaborations by thirty-two artists. One of the most memorable works was the giant megaphone entitled Freedom of Expression National Monument, a collaboration between artist Erika Rothenberg, architect Laurie Hawkinson, and performance artist John Malpede. The piece was designed, as a plaque at its base proclaimed, “to combat the sense of powerlessness felt by ordinary citizens in an age of omnipotent electronic media.” Passersby were welcomed to voice their concerns on contemporary issues and assert the importance of free expression.


John Malpede’s performance with the megaphone, _Alight and Foolhearted: The Banks. The Banks. What about the Banks? What About the Banks? And What About the ________?_ featured the rantings of a wise fool—part Walt Whitman, part ambulant psychotic—addressing contemporary issues such as the international banking crisis and the plight of the homeless.




Multiple Artists

Art on the Beach 6