About the Project

Creative Time’s fifth installment of Art on the Plaza—a series of commissioned outdoor sculpture for The Ritz-Carlton in Battery Park City—featured Jim Hodges’s massive sculpture, Look and See. Comprised of nine tons of stainless steel, the sculpture was a curved S-shaped wall, which featured a reflective surface, laser cut-outs, and a black and white camouflage pattern.


Hodges’s sculpture had the effect of transporting visitors on a sensual journey, as they were consumed by its warped refractive environment—it fused reflections of the viewers’ images with the opposing landscapes of skyscrapers and park, as well as raised questions about identity, artifice, and nature. Via the sculpture, Hodges furthered his exploration of camouflage as a basic pattern of light and dark, one that conceals and alters our perception of visual objects.




Jim Hodges

Art on the Plaza 5: Look and See