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The 2009 edition of At 44 1/2 continued Creative Time’s long tradition of bringing artist projects to New York City’s media mecca—Times Square—via a presentation of video art on MTV’s larger-than-life, gilded, HD billboard screen. In its second year, the At 44 1/2 series commenced with three works curated by artist Marilyn Minter. The films included Patty Chang’s Fan Dance, Kate Gilmore’s Star Bright, Star Might, and Minter’s Green Pink Caviar, which collectively captured the spirit of Minter’s investigations into dichotomies of beauty and disgust, and photorealism and abstraction.


The 2009 also showcased Steve McQueen’s classic video work Deadpan (1997), in which he restaged a stock-in-trade Buster Keaton gag—a house falls on top of a figure, who somehow emerges unscathed. Additional screenings included video art by three emerging artists—Bestué-Vives, Martha Colburn, and Gonzalo Lebrija—who explored themes of transformation, wars in American history, and the human and the beast, respectively.


Image by Marilyn Minter




Multiple Artists

At 44 1/2, 2009

Times Square



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