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The 2010 edition of At 44 1/2 continued Creative Time’s long tradition of bringing artist projects to New York City’s media mecca—Times Square—via a presentation of video art on MTV’s larger-than-life, gilded, HD billboard screen. In its third year, the At 44 1/2 series commenced during the month of February with a mini-retrospective of work by Bruce Conner. The following month showcased the work of groundbreaking performance artist Marina Abramovic, which coincided with her acclaimed retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art.


The 2010 series also included multidisciplinary artist Maya Lin’s What is Missing?, a series of four videos about mass extinction and the degradation of natural habitats. Additional videos comprised a survey of work by emerging artists Rob Carter, Graeme Patterson, and Allison Schulnik, who transported the viewer into the kinetic worlds of a city experiencing exponential growth, a discrete memory of youthful contention, and a strange, alien planet, respectively.




Multiple Artists

At 44 1/2, 2010




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