About the Project

The Bruce High Quality Foundation University (BHQFU) is an unaccredited, free collaborative school founded by the eponymous artist collective and presented by Creative Time. At BHQFU, “students are teachers are administrators are staff.” BHQFU responds to what the artists behind it view as the over-commercialization of the current art school system, offering instead what they refer to as, “an education in metaphor manipulation.” Admission is based on a peer-recommendation system; select public programming is also offered.


Operating in Manhattan since September 2009, the university’s initial curriculum focused on art history—specifically, creating new histories—as well as studio critiques. Lecture topics included _Occult Shenanigans in 20th/21st Century Art_, What’s a Metaphor?, The BHQFU Detective Agency, and Edifying. Additional courses continue to be added to the curriculum on an ongoing basis.




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