About the Project

Drawing upon comic artists’ long history of timely social and political critique—their vested interest in capturing and commenting on the zeitgeist—the program Creative Time Comics invited artists to produce new, online comics that addressed pressing contemporary issues. The resulting works smudged and redrew the lines between social inquiry, political engagement, and visual entertainment, confronting difficult subjects via the economical means of words and pictures in juxtaposition.


Every month for two years, a new artist was given a blank nine-panel grid and asked to both work within and defy its borders. In this space, they were invited to intervene, tell stories, provoke, and address a broad audience. The 24 completed works from the entire series are archived chronologically online and were also released as a full-color publication in 2010.


Image by Packard Jennings




Multiple Artists

Creative Time Comics: A Graphic Record of the Here and Now




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