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Democracy in America: The National Campaign was a year-long, multifaceted project, which remains one of Creative Time’s largest and most poignant undertakings. After traveling across the country to glean perspectives from artists and activists on the state of democracy, the project culminated in the “Convergence Center”—a major exhibition, participatory project space, and meeting hall mounted in New York City’s Park Avenue Armory, just in time for the 2008 election season.


In addition to the Convergence Center, Democracy in America included performative artist commissions, which often took place on the street and among the public, including at both the RNC and the DNC. This complex program was further diversified by mobile projects—such as an activist ice cream truck—and a publication entitled A Guide to Democracy in America, which provided artists a platform to reflect on American democracy.


Photograph by Meghan McInnis




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