About the Project

The St. Patrick’s Youth Center served as the venue for Higher Ground, a multifaceted performance by the Sarah Skaggs Dance Company. Part dance concert, part dance party, and part dance happening, the performance took inspiration from Indonesian culture, club energy, and performance art, as it investigated the roots of dance practice and strove to return dance to its original function as a transcendent communal experience.


The evening’s events were propelled by the music of David Linton’s Electric Owthaus–a sextet of percussion, guitars and brass–as well as a sound track by Steven Harvey and a pre-show appearance by Colette. Joining Skaggs was her core company of Eric Bradley, Thea Kaufman, Arial Herrara, Patricia McCarthy, and Melissa Wynn, as well as a group of twenty assistants. The venue was decorated by lighting designer Mary Gearhart.




Sarah Skaggs Dance Company

Higher Ground