About the Project

For one week in September 2004, the couture fashion label, Imitation Of Christ, collaborated with Creative Time to launch one of the most renegade models of the retail experience New York City had ever seen. The “store,” actually a portable installation, was a beautifully designed plexiglas box, featuring a neon sign, a lone salesman, and a single item for sale.


Capitalizing and commenting on the frenzy of Fashion Week in New York, as well as challenging the pressure to conform to the retail approach, the Imitation of Christ store sold its daily singular item—whether a $2,000 couture dress or a cocker spaniel puppy—to the first buyer. Ephemeral in spirit, location and operating hours, the nomadic store literally picked up and changed location throughout the day, and closed down as soon as the item sold.




Imitation of Christ

Imitation of Christ Retail Store