About the Project

From 2000 to 2006, Creative Time and Panasonic provided artists the opportunity to showcase their video art in the media mecca of the world–Times Square. Airing on the last minute of virtually every hour on the Astrovision screen at 1 Times Square, artworks by established and emerging artists offered a minute of escape, intellectual reflection, humor, poetry, beauty, and zen-like contemplation.


In 2002, The 59th Minute presented two seminal video works by William Wegman, Dog Duet and Front Porch. Additional screenings featured Geneviève Cadieux’s Portrait, in which a tree serves as a metaphor for the isolation of solitude but, more importantly, the regeneration and renewal of spring.


Photograph by Charlie Samuels




Geneviève Cadieux and William Wegman

The 59th Minute, 2002

Times Square