About the Project

In conjunction with The New Museum, Creative Time and artist Maira Kalman presented Tibor in Orbit, a public art project that posthumously honored Maira’s husband, Tibor Kalman. The project fulfilled Tibor’s unrealized dream of creating an “un-advertising” campaign intended to question social and economic equality.


Tibor in Orbit appeared on one million Parmalat Sunndydale milk cartons in supermarkets throughout New York with panels that read, “Tibor says money isn’t everything.” Additionally, the project was displayed on a large video screen in Times Square; four “Tiborisms” (images and sayings characteristic of Tibor Kalman) appeared on screen every hour at fifty-nine minutes past the hour. These frozen Tibor in Orbit images functioned in stark contrast to Times Square’s chaotic bonanza of advertising, sound bites, and spectacular media images.




Tibor Kalman

Tibor in Orbit