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Creative Time and Visual AIDS, in commemoration of World AIDS Day/Day With(out) Art, presented a special screening event and discussion at NYC’s IFC Center on Thursday, December 1.


In 2010, artist and activist Jim Hodges joined forces with filmmakers Carlos Marques da Cruz and Encke King to assemble a montage of archival and pop footage that conjures up the passionate activism sparked by the early years of the AIDS crisis. By juxtaposing scenes from the last few turbulent decades, Untitled presents a powerful and provocative reflection on an era when political protest and personal existence converged. At the same time, the film draws history nearer by representing the pressure and hopelessness created by regimes of power from New York to Guantanamo and beyond, as well as the brave women and men who in times of crisis stood up for themselves, their communities, and humanity.




Jim Hodges, Carlos Marques Da Cruz, and Encke King


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