About the Project

In 1991, Creative Time worked with Wigstock organizers to help promote the annual event’s temporary new location, Union Square Park, after the historic venue for the event, Tompkins Square Park, was closed to the public. Conceived in 1984 and commenced in 1985, Wigstock was an annual outdoor music festival celebrating love, peace, drag costume, and performance in a revisionist tribute to the 1969 Woodstock.


Participating performers in 1991 included drag queens, performance artists, pop stars, poets, and other diverse acts such as Dancenoise, John Kelly, Peau de Soie, Deee-Lite, Ebony Jet, Lipsynka and Loretta Hogg. Wigstock encouraged its audience to display themselves as vividly as those on stage, so that the day became a unifying and reaffirming experience for everyone involved.




Multiple Artists


Union Square Park, Manhattan