Creative Time


The R&D Fellowship

The R&D (Research and Develop) Fellowship recognizes New York City-based artists who have made a significant contribution to socially engaged art, and in doing so have introduced new aesthetic forms and political tactics that push the definitions and boundaries of public art and participatory practice.
The inaugural R&D Fellows are: Stephanie Dinkins, Linda Goode Bryant, Emily Johnson, Guadalupe Maravilla, and Carlos Motta.
Using its unique methodology for commissioning and producing art in the public realm, Creative Time works with the Fellows to identify a group of advisors, within the arts and beyond, whose work supports project research, leading to more in-depth interdisciplinary collaborations. Creative Time’s approach sits within its legacy of supporting art in the public realm that seeks to move beyond the silo of art and into everyday life.
Supported by Rockefeller Foundation’s Artist Impact Initiative, each artist receives an award of $50,000 with additional funds for production support as well as access to Creative Time’s new programming space, CTHQ, to facilitate research-related programs.
R&D Fellows were selected through a nomination process and have demonstrated significant achievement in socially engaged art and/or art that instigates political or social action that pushes the boundaries of the medium. The selected artists each have a long-standing practice that demonstrates their commitment to applying artistic means to address community challenges and needs.

Artist Impact Initiative

Launched through The Rockefeller Foundation’s Artist Impact Initiative, in tandem with Pioneer Works’ new Working Artist Fellowship, together the Fellowships represent exciting new channels of support to New York City-based artists, and the advancement of ambitious projects that respond to and address the needs of the city’s people and communities, driving collective action and positive social change.
With this initiative, it is the shared ambition of The Rockefeller Foundation, Creative Time, and Pioneer Works to position artists as leaders in processes of social change, recognizing art-based initiatives as an innovative and highly effective means of elevating dialogue and fostering collective action to address the most pressing issues of the 21st century.