Danielle Abrams’ performances explore racial and ethnic tensions, challenge our dependency on notions of origin and identity, and unearth potential within cross-cultural collaboration.

Danielle Abrams

Danielle Abrams is an interdisciplinary artist who uses performance and video to explore the complexities that emerge from the intersections of diverse communities. Abrams uses family and social histories as fodder for her work, employing a variety of characters, neighborhoods, and eras to examine socio-cultural relationships. In Early Bird (2004), Abrams takes on the identity of “Dew Drop Lady,” an elderly woman who enters a community of seniors and engages them in conversations surrounding identity and gender politics. Abrams is the former artistic director of BUILD, a performance space in the Mission District of San Francisco. She is also a founding board member of the Harvey Milk Institute in San Francisco. Abrams is currently a professor at the School of Art and Design, part of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Lives and works in New York, NY.