The Invisible Borders Trans-African Photographic Initiative inspires multi-national African relationships through the power of photography.

Invisible Borders

The Invisible Borders Trans-African Photographic Initiative seeks to dissolve the national, political and cultural boundaries that divide Africa. Founded in 2009 by a group of Nigerian artists, the group brings together ten native photographers who traverse the African continent, taking photos while exploring and engaging the diverse array of peoples within each region by immersing themselves in their rich cultural traditions, far beyond the simple act of photographing them. Invisible Borders inspires trans-African relationships that transcend sociopolitical lines, variances in literacy, class, and artistic experience. The group supports the work of the emerging artists that comprise their team, giving them the invaluable experience of working closely with a variety of people all over Africa while instigating a thoughtful dialogue that looks deeply--sometimes critically--into the “efficiency” and unity of such a large and varied continent. Invisible Borders’ continent-wide expeditions have garnered international attention, notably their inclusion in the New Museum’s 2012 Triennial, and as a result the group has conducted conferences around the world in locations including Addis Ababa, Dakar, Berlin and Bern.

Founded in 2009 in Nigeria