Through her hand-crafted clothing line and social practice collective, Mildred’s Lane, J. Morgan Puett explores the history of costume design and production -- as well as its social, environmental, and industrial implications.

J. Morgan Puett

J. Morgan Puett is an interdisciplinary artist, cultural producer, fashion designer, and Co-founder and Director of Mildred’s Lane Historical Society and Museum. Mildred’s Lane is a 92-acre social practice mecca situated in rural Pennsylvania, designed to collectively create and discuss new pedagogical models of being in the world with regards to the environment, systems of labor, forms of dwelling, ethics, and sociality. Mildred’s Lane is a long-term collaborative project that promotes living as a creative research practice through a revolving cast of residents, fellows, visiting artists, scholars, and social practitioners. The most recent research session, Retail 21c. Phase III (2010), was a series of lectures and public programs that examined evolving spaces of cultural production and global subjectivity, and explored alternative forms of retail, commerce, intervention, and consumer participation.

Born 1957 in Hahira, GA.
Lives and works in New York, NY and Beach Lake, PA.