Belgrade-based art collective Škart offers inventive solutions in response to decreasing personal freedom in Eastern Europe.


This Belgrade-based art collective is preoccupied with the “architecture” of human relationships. Founded in 1990 in an abandoned atelier at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, the collective is constantly in flux, with different members working together to develop new projects. Škart’s highly varied work ranges from seesaws at the Urban Physic Garden in the United Kingdom to concerts across Serbia, to their Survival Coupons (1997-2000), which served as “critical” commentary on the infringement of personal freedom during the Kosovo War. Škart responded to the pervading fear and distrust in their community by circulating their Survival Coupons in Belgrade, Stockholm and Graz. The coupons read “fear,” “orgasm,” “power,” “miracle,” (R)Evolution” and “masturbation” with several intentionally left blank. Similar Survival Coupons were distributed on the subway in New York City in collaboration with students at Parsons School of Design, as a commentary on the similarities between American and Serbian realities. In 2000, Škart ended the Survival Coupons project and began distributing Coupons for the End, referencing Y2K as “the end of history” as well as the fall of suspected war criminal and former Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic’s regime.

Founded in 1990 in Belgrade, Serbia