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Antanas Mockus Šivickas

Bogotá, Columbia


As mayor of Bogotá (1995-1998; 2001-2003), Antanas Mockus Šivickas brought his unusual political philosophy to the masses, creating tangible and long-lasting change in his community.





  • His non-traditional initiatives were central to the transformation of the traffic-choked, high-crime metropolis Bogota, a city of 7 million people, into one of Latin America’s most livable capitals
  • He cares about women’s safety, and also their right to party –and proved it by organizing free outdoor concerts and bar specials for women only, while men stayed home and tended to household duties
  • He hired mimes to mock jaywalkers insteading of giving them tickets, significantly reducing traffic violations, and demonstrating that the fear of public humiliation is an effective way to get Colombians to follow the law