Walking Tour


SESSION TWO | 1:00PM – 2:00PM


Led by Dipti Desai, Jessica Hamlin


Note: This session requires the mobility to traverse sidewalks in the Lower East Side. This session requires pre-registration and is capped according to venue size.

As artists, activists, and educators we believe in the importance of creating spaces where people can discuss, reflect upon, and critique the narratives about the past that surround us. Designed as part of a graduate class at NYU, Passport to the Past is a collective art and activist project that takes the form of a guided walking tour, focusing on the invisible history of resistance in the sites where everyday forms of resistance were enacted by women, the Lenni Lenape, African Americans, LGBTQ+ folks, Latinx folks, Asian Americans, and immigrant communities in Lower Manhattan. Participants will also learn about collective art pedagogy as a strategy to develop democratic institutions. How do we subsume the “I” for the “we” in educational institutions and art practices, which for the most part are individually driven?
Dipti Desai is a Professor and Director of the Graduate Art+Education Programs at New York University. As a scholar and artist-educator, she addresses the intersection between visual art, activism, and critical pedagogy in her work.
Jessica Hamlin is a Clinical Professor in the Art+Education program in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at NYU. Her work explores the intersections between contemporary art, critical pedagogy, and public education.