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Thursday, October 13




Kick-off Party at Blind Whino co-hosted by Transformer




Day One: Friday, October 14



10am – 6pm

Presentations and performances at the Lincoln Theatre


Section 1: Occupy Power

What would it mean for a grassroots social justice movement to actually take power? What would be required to turn resistance into revolution? Presenters in this section are reevaluating current political structures to produce radical alternatives and redistributions of power.


Section 2: Do It Yourself

As this Summit finds itself in the birthplace of DC hardcore — a punk movement of the early 1980s with a DIY ethos — this section offers an opportunity to highlight cultural practices that produce their own economic reality.


Section 3: Enter The Anthropocene

The mid-20th century saw the beginning of a new epoch on Earth: the Anthropocene, characterized by the geographical and environmental changes made by humans. This section invites scientists, artists, and activists to speak for the true protagonist in the drama of human rights and survival: planet Earth.


Special Artist Lunch (Check back for more details)


Summit Social (Check back for more details)




Day Two: Saturday, October 15



10am – 6pm

Presentations and performances at the Lincoln Theatre


Section 4: Queer and Now

As contemporary culture investigates its assumptions about gender and sexuality, it turns a critical eye onto its own structure. Queerness challenges the normative binary and destabilizes the notion of identity itself. This section celebrates the leaders and artists whose work at the forefront of constructing queerness provides us with new ways of imagining ourselves.


Section 5: The Case for Nonsense

A century ago, in Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, Switzerland, a subversive anti-art movement was founded in response to the devastation of what would be World War I. Dadaism used the absurd and the irrational to critique the unreasonable politics of the time. Upon the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Dada, this section embraces the irrational as a productive political space.


Section 6: Under Siege

“Stop shooting!” “I can’t breathe.” Final words, like those of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, have become part of our vernacular in the past years: a result of several international social movements, which have fought to bring systematic violence into the foreground of public discourse. This section invites artists and activists to discuss their work pertaining to communities facing immediate threat.


Section 7: US Election

Looming in the background of this year’s Summit is the specter and reality of the US election. This section explores the complexities of representation, democracy, and global responsibility. Given the international impact of our national decision, whose rights and interests are politicians really speaking for?


Special Artist Lunch (Check back for more details)


Summit Social (Check back for more details)




Day Three: Sunday, October 16



10am – 5pm

Performances and Breakout Sessions


Opening Performance


Breakout sessions (workshops, roundtables, panels and field trips) co-organized by Provisions Library


Closing Performance