The Brooklyn Anchorage is a place that doesn't exist.

It is a space inside the foundation of a bridge. A space that is not really meant to be there, a series of rooms and corridors configured in the no time. Completely disconnected from what goes on outside, it is a non-place. As such, it is what we sometimes call a virtual space. That means that it is a space unrelated to its' outside, a space that exists by itself. A space that can only be remembered, or imagined; a mental landscape.

My Anchorage is a screen version of such a place. It incorporates actual parts of the Brooklyn Anchorage used as passages between upgrades of a landscape. A memory from any future. In this any future, the Brooklyn Anchorage passes through as a mental image of a place.

My Anchorage is a space for the eyes to inhabit, a place that exists in a screen.


Born in Athens, Greece in 1968, Andreas Angelidakis lives in New York City. He holds a masters in Architectural Design from Columbia University


Ruppert Bohle
Photo by Charlie Samuels (