Tauba Auerbach, Beatriz Barral, Crash, Ronnie Cutrone, Os Gemeos,Justin Green, Isca Greenfield-Sanders, Mimi Gross, Vandana Jain, Greg Lamarche, Paul Lindahl, Clive Murphy, Gary Panter, Kamau Patton, Bruno Peinado, Steve Powers, and Swoon have painted signs, concession stands, storefronts, and murals throughout Coney Island.  A 130-foot long mural by Os Gemeos, the identical twin street painting team from Brazil, welcomes visitors as they exit the subway to begin their Coney Island adventure. (Click on artist's names for bios and images of their works)

See ART PRIZES for information on the artists whose multiples appear at the game booths.

Many of the artists invited to contribute to The Dreamland Artist Club 2005 have a personal, social, or aesthetic interest in the visual culture of the area; some live in Brooklyn or greater New York, while others have come from as far away as Brazil and Spain to participate. The artists represent a wide range of practices and techniques from traditional oil painting to street sign painting to Pixacão, a form of graffiti art from Sao Paolo, Brazil. 

This year’s project follows the tremendous success of The Dreamland Artist Club 2004, in which Creative Time collaborated with Powers to commission twenty-five artists to paint signs, murals, fortune-telling booths, and rides in Coney Island. Works remain on view by Jules de Balincourt, Craig Costello, Adam Cvijanovic, Dearraindrop, Christa Donner, Nicole Eisenman, Gents of Desire, Toland Grinnell, Ellen Harvey, David Humphrey, Greg Lamarche, Andrew Lenaghan, Ashley Macomber, Ryan McGinness, Bill McMullen, Steve Powers, Dana Schutz, and Matt Wright. Works remain on view from most of the artists in the Dreamland 2004 project and are marked on the map.