Our deepest thanks are due to the artists, business owners and operators, who each took a chance by participating in The Dreamland Artist Club 2005, which happened only because of their commitment and generosity. Creative Time especially thanks" “Mayor” Dick Zigun. Many people, however helped realize this project:

Carole O'Donnel at Astroland, Ross Chambers, Art Domantay, Tony Gallo, Ben, Joey at the Clam Bar, Peter and Laurie, Cesar Rafael and Junior, Wally and Dinah Roberts, Charlie Samuels, Jack Ward, Anthony Raimondi, Aaron Beebe, David Gratt, Slim, Jimmy Carchiolo, Mike and Charlie, Bernard, Anthony Russo and all at Gargioulo's Restaurant, Alex at the Art Exchange, Mike Sarral and Sam at Ruby's, Leo Turie at Luna Park Furniture, Simon Reilly, Michael Berger, Don at Cyclone Sound, Adrian and Paul at Mass Appeal, Adam, Chris and Heather at Tokion, Rabbit Movers, Allyson and Alun at Parker's Box, Darrell Dulude, Denis at the Wonderwheel, Gary Scuddon at Velocity, Tony Smyrski, Laurie Lazar at the Luggage Store, Wendy Dembo, Jeffrey and Jasmine at Deitch Projects.

Unless noted, all photography by


Thanks to our interns: Shane Brennan, Betsy Chang, Zach Gage, Savannah Gorton, Lindsay Katz, Jacqeline Koustmer, Amal Laala, Sophia Lewitt, Ariel Lumry, Jennifer Madden, Alyssa Natches, Annie Preziosi, Cori Schattner, Paloma Shutes, Matt Sutter, Dinesh Thirpuvana, Marichris Ty, Ned Venda, and Jess Worby.

Creative Time is deeply grateful to our many supporters, whose commitment to our mission helps to enliven the streets of New York with inspiring public art.

Support for The Dreamland Artist Club 2005 is provided, in part, by public funds from the New York State Department of Cultural Affairs; the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency; New York City Council Speaker Gifford Miller; New York City Councilmember Christine Quinn; State Senator Thomas K. Duane; and private funds from the J.M Kaplan Fund, The New York Community Trust, the Independence Community Foundation, and the Puffin Foundation. Special thanks to Deitch Projects, Montana Paints, and Tokion Magazine.