Democracy in America | The National Camgaign

Performative public art commissioned by Creative Time from Sharon Hayes, Rodney McMillian + Olga Koumoundouros, Steve Powers, and Mark Tribe will take place in 6 cities across the nation, presented collaboratively with local partners such as The Walker Art Center and the Oakland Mueum of California. These commissions will examine the roots of American democracy as well as the progressive political ethos of the 1960s and 70s. Each project will be presented at the Democracy in America Convergence Center at the Park Avenue Armory.

Rodney McMillian + Olga Koumoundouros designed and executed a mobile project addressing the issue of capital punishment. Mark Tribe’s Port Huron Project re-presents radical speeches selected by the artist to a public audience in the same locations they were first heard. Though the texts make direct reference to the Vietnam War and concurrent Civil Rights movements, each was selected for its contemporary relevance. Steve Powers’ The Waterboarding Thrill Ride, an animatronic diorama depicting a prisoner being waterboarded installed in the Coney Island arcade, will raise awareness of the issue of torture in the United States. Sharon Hayes will gather 100 people at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions to read a text in unison addressing political desire and romantic love.

Creative Time with the Blanton Museum of Art presents
Rodney McMillian + Olga KoumoundourosNews from a Mime’s Thud
Various locations in Austin, TX: June 5

Creative Time with LACE presents
Mark Tribe’s Port Huron Project 4: We Are Also Responsible
Exposition Park, Los Angeles, CA: July 19

Creative Time presents
Steve PowersThe Waterboarding Thrill Ride
Coney Island, New York, NY: July 26 to late August

Creative Time with the Oakland Museum of California presents
Mark Tribe’s Port Huron Project 5: The Liberation of our People
DeFermery Park, Oakland, CA: August 2

Creative Time with Dialog:City presents
Sharon HayesRevolutionary Love 1: I Am Your Worst Fear
Democratic National Convention, Denver, CO: August 27

Creative Time with the Walker Art Center and the UnConvention presents
Sharon HayesRevolutionary Love 2: I Am Your Best Fantasy
Republican National Convention, Minneapolis, MN: September 1

Creative Time presents
Mark Tribe’s Port Huron Project 6: Let Another World Be Born
Adjacent to the United Nations, New York, NY: Early September