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Thank you for your interest in participating in Sharon Hayes’ Revolutionary Love 1: I Am Your Worst Fear, a public performance during the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Details of the Performance:

On August 27th during the Convention, approximately 70-100 people will speak a text about love, politics, gay power, and gay liberation, written by Hayes for the occasion. We are looking for volunteer performers to recite (as a chorus) a 10–15 minute text, repeated multiple times over a period of approximately two hours. The performance will take place in a public space in proximity to the Convention (we will send you more details once the site is confirmed). A copy of the text will be sent to you in the coming weeks.

About the Project:
Revolutionary Love 1: I Am Your Worst Fear is the first in a two-part project by Hayes taking place at both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. The second performance, which will take place at the RNC, is titled Revolutionary Love 2: I Am Your Best Fantasy.
Revolutionary Love 1 is presented by Creative Time with Dialog:City as part of Creative Time’s 2008 national public art initiative Democracy in America: The National Campaign. Engaging the past eight years of cultural production, activism, and resistance in the U.S., Democracy in America: The National Campaign offers platforms for artists to address the shifting nature of democracy in this country—from probing fundamental questions about the nature of war, freedom, justice, and the social contract, to encouraging open and public dialogue on timely issues from red states to blue, rural communities to urban centers, classrooms to town halls, and artists’ studios to public squares.
More information on Hayes’ project and Democracy in America is available at

Commitment & Rehearsals:
As a participating performer, we are asking that you:

Rehearsal dates and locations:
As a participating performer, we invite and encourage you attend up to two of three scheduled rehearsals at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, but if you can't make any of the rehearsals, don't let that stop you from participating! You will be sent the performance text beforehand once you've registered.

The rehearsals are set for the following dates:
IMPORTANT! Please note that the rehearsal dates and location have changed.

AUGUST 24th 3-5pm, Hamburger Mary's, The Queen Mary Room
AUGUST 25th 11am-1pm, Hamburger Mary's, The Queen Mary Room
AUGUST 26th 6-8pm, Hamburger Mary's, The Queen Mary Room
- Hamburger Mary's is at 700 East 17th Ave.

PLEASE RSVP to to which rehearsals you can attend, as soon as possible.

Performance details:
August 27th, at 16th Street Mall
16th street between Welton and California.

Performer/Participants will meet at 4pm, the performance will begin at approximately 5pm.

You can help us get the word out there and get other people excited about the project. Please xerox and post or attach and spread as you see fit. We currently have a really good group of participants but it's always great to pull in some more. Can be friends, relatives, lovers, colleagues or strangers! You can find a downloadable PDF of the flyer here.

About the Artist:
Sharon Hayes has produced challenging work in performance, video, and installation for over a decade. Staging protests, delivering speeches, and organizing demonstrations, she creates interventions that highlight the friction between collective activities and personal actions. Employing the artistic and academic methodologies of theater, film, anthropology, linguistics, and journalism, Hayes has made work that engages history, politics, and public space. She was an artist in PERFORMA05 and her work has been shown at the New Museum, P.S. 1/MoMA, Art In General, Artists Space, Parlour Projects, Andrew Kreps Gallery, Dance Theater Workshop, Performance Space 122, the Joseph Papp Public Theater, and the WOW Café in NYC. In addition she has shown at the Tate Modern in London, Museum Moderner Kunst and the Generali Foundation in Vienna, at many other national and international exhibition spaces, as well as in 45 lesbian living rooms across the United States. Her collaborative piece, 9 Scripts from a Nation at War, showed in Documenta 12 in Kassel, Germany this past June.
For more information on Hayes’ work, please visit

About the Partners:

Creative Time is a New York City–based nonprofit public arts organization that has presented innovative art for the past three decades.

Dialog:City is an official public program organized by the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs converging art, democracy and digital media that will involve 10 site-specific art installations in neighborhoods throughout Denver from Aug. 21-29.  World-renowned artists ranging from a MacArthur Fellow to a leading "green" design faculty member will come together to create a series of innovative commissioned works in conjunction with local organizations and students.

Next Steps:
If you are still interested, please submit the following information:

  1. Contact information:
    E-mail address:

  2. Do you have any additional resources that you would like to bring to the project?

  3. Are you affiliated with any organizations that would be interested in spreading the word?

  4. Do you have any technical or stage management skills?

  5. Can you volunteer a day or two between now and the event to flyer for the event?

Following receipt of your message, we will be in touch to confirm the details of your participation.

Artist Talks:
You are invited to attend talks by Sharon Hayes discussing this project in July and during the Convention in August. Dates, times, and locations are coming soon.

Please contact us at or 212.206.6674 x214

Thanks once again for your interest in being a part of this incredible project. We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Sincerely yours,

Sharon Hayes
and Gavin Kroeber (Producer, Creative Time)