Democracy in America | The National Camgaign


Download the Volunteer Handbook (380k PDF)

Download the Docent Reader (630k PDF)

Download more information on artists in the show (7MB PDF)

Download a PowerPoint presentation on the show (2.3MB PDF)

Links to videos and websites related to the Democracy in America show

Videos of Mark Tribe’s Port Huron Project: Cesár Chávez in LA, Angela Davis in Oakland, and Stokely Carmichael in NYC.

Steve Powers talks about his Waterboard Thrill Ride in Coney Island.

Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere’s Another Protest Song, a user-generated online audio archive that launched their three-part project for Democracy, which will include the website, protest song karaoke, and a music event during the run of the exhibition.

Trevor Paglen discussing National Security Agency “Blacksites.”

Hasan Elahi recounts his troubles with the FBI, how he got detained, and what he does to maintain his safety.

Trailer for “Strange Culture,” a film that documents artist Steve Kurtz’s investigation by the FBI in 2004 on charges of “bio-terrorism.”

Great Pratt’s project website for “Flag a Day,” in which she documented 366 uses of the American flag (all 366 photographs will be shown in the Armory Drill Hall).