Creative Time


This summer Creative Time will present the artist Risa Puno’s most significant public art commission. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, and based in New York, Puno is a sculpture and installation artist who uses interactivity and play to understand how humans relate to one another. Puno’s project will take the form of an escape room game, a popular group activity in the US. Puno will use the activity’s format of puzzles and riddles to examine issues of social dynamics.


Puno’s project was selected from over 600 applications in Creative Time’s first-ever open call. The open call invited applications from New York City-based, full time practicing artists at a pivotal juncture in their careers that have not yet received major support from a leading cultural institution. Creative Time’s open call received applicants from all five boroughs of New York, with the top three exhibition formats being interactive installations, performance art, and sculpture works.


Creative Time’s legacy includes years of championing both emerging and established artists, and those looking to radically shift their process within or beyond a particular medium. The open call was conceived as a nod to that history, and is designed to shine light on the abundance and importance of artists’ ideas at all stages of their career on the great issues of our time.